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Here at Reg Woor Family Sweep, we’re dedicated to providing a full one-stop-shop for all of your chimney needs. Nothing stops us from delivering the best chimney sweeping service we can; we’ll be happy to help no matter how big or small the task is, and we’ll get it done with our quick, friendly and hassle-free service for you.

Your chimney is a great addition to your home, however, to make sure you’re kept safe it’s vital that your chimney is kept clean to prevent any potential problems from arising. Your health and safety are our number one priority, which is why we take the time and use our expertise to deliver an exceptional chimney sweep, every time.

To ensure we provide the best service, we’ll start with a full inspection of your chimney. This helps us to understand exactly what we’re working with and take the right approach, ensuring a rigorous clean right from the fireplace to the flue at the very top. This allows us to minimise any missed areas and guarantee great results every time we get to work!

Did you know that, traditionally, a chimney sweep at your wedding brings good luck? As a family-run business, we understand the joy of family and happiness. We offer a service where we’ll come and attend your wedding, bringing you the best of luck and lots of smiles to your big day!

Should I Use a Chimney Sweep?

Your chimney will collect residue and soot throughout, which can pose various problems. It could mask any cracks or damages in your chimney, or worse it could block up the flue at the very top and prevent proper ventilation.

It’s our job and our passion to make sure that we get your chimney in full working condition. With our trusted tools and expert knowledge passed down from generation to generation, we’ll clean your chimney and remove any ash, soot or other flammable deposits that reside in your chimney, helping to get it back to peak condition.

If you’re looking for a Chimney Sweeper in the Nottingham area, look no further.

Established in 1946

With over 70 years of experience, you can be sure your chimney will be in safe hands. Expert knowledge and techniques have been shared through the generations, creating our leading chimney sweeping service which we offer today.

To learn more about how our chimney sweeping service can help you, take a look at our services here!

Chimney Sweep Near Me

If you’re in Nottingham, you’re in luck! We cover the Nottingham area, so get in touch today for further information on how we can help you!

We use the latest legally compliant vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter. The Hepa filtration fitted to our vacuum is specially designed to capture the ultrafine particles of this soot dust and prevent it passing through the machine and becoming airborne.

New! Drone Surveys

Chimneys are not the easiest things to inspect. So we recently invested in a new drone that allows us to survey a chimney first-hand without needing scaffolding costs and time.

It also serves as a record of the chimney, which can be referred back to look at damage or issues changing over time.


How Can We Help You?

With many years of experience under our belts, we know just what to do when it comes to chimney sweeps. Feel free to contact us for further information!